Female Sports Fan Problems

Problems we lady sports fans go through.
This blog is run by Clare and Kate.
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sorry we’re such asswipes and never update this blog but

we’re both back at college and have some more important things to do like

  • drinking
  • yelling at philly fans

we’ll be back one day



we’ll see

love you bitchez


I dont know why boys have to make us feel bad for loving sports and the players!( this isnt really a question ;p)

Asked By: fannymars


we don’t get it either! except, at least in my experience, once you prove (not like you should have to, but yknow) to boys that you know your shit, they respect you for it. I have tons of guy friends who absolutely love that I know about sports, and it’s usually all we talk about hahah.



Is this just about hockey or all sports? Great blog anyway :)

Asked By: no-yonce-no-party


well kate and I are big huge hockey fans, and a lot of hockey fans follow us on tumblr so when we first made this blog we pimped it out to our followers who are mostly hockey people and they’re who submit sooo. we don’t get a lot of other sports submissions and if we do they’re all relatively the same thing. 

- clare


What's wrong with Clare is she ok? She's been really sad on twitter

Asked By: Anonymous


hi, wow, I completely forgot we had this blog.

my family and I are going through a rough time, my mom is pretty sick and that’s basically all I’d like to share with this tumblr. thanks for being concerned, though. it means a lot.